The Roman systems – an invitation to elegance and functionality

“Please come, my dear, on the terrace. I have some cherries and strawberries for you! The drapes are made by Sophia Home Decoration. I am very proud of my Roman systems!”

Maria Bunea, Focsani – a happy customer

Like Maria, more and more of us dream of living in a house, rather than an apartament, to be able to spend more time outdoors, in the yard, on the patio. Being an extension of the house, the terrace is an important element to be considered when thinking of buying our dream house. One can get carried away by the dream of a summer morning, having breakfast on the terrace or to spend a nice evening talking with the friends until the stars light up in the clear sky.

Once you have the terrace, you start thinking also at the morning’s glaring sun, the burning sun at noon and the sweltering afternoon, and try to find ways to create shadow and along with it, the necessary comfort.

You may as well like to enjoy the coolness of a summer rain, right on your terrace. But you don’t want to be all wet, just to feel breezy and to enjoy the coolness after the rain. And so you thinking about what you need for the ideal terrace. A pergola is fashionable, with wood frames all around, covered with plexiglass or polycarbonate sheets, which can be dismantled at any time, and for the protection against the sun, the Roman systems are the best solution.

The Roman systems are a unique combination of curtains made of heavy fabrics and the functional simplicity of the classical blind systems. The fabrics from which the Roman systems are made offer multiple possibilities in choosing shades, textures and styles, from the simplest in one color to the ones with stripes or in a multi-color range, precisely 39 of which you can choose what suits you best. One of the most important features of Tenerife Outdoor collection is that these fabrics are waterproof and give a special touch to your terrace. The price is 24 euro/lm and the width of the fabric is 160 cm.

By using doubled curtains with the Roman blinds you will literally give weight to the entire shadowing ensemble, because ensuring an effective shading during the warm season becomes a necessity nowadays.

If you will like more light, you will be able to choose fluid-finished blinds that, even if they look softer, will keep the basic idea of the Roman blinds unaltered.

The Roman systems are equipped with a classic cord for easy use. By using a hedge grip system, the Roman blinds will be fixed in a few moments and at the same time it allows the detachment of the whole assembly to be easily cleaned or changed.

You will enjoy the benefits of the Roman blinds every time you fold or loose them and let the sun came in or not.

Sophia Home Decoration has 24 stores across the country and also stores worldwide with a wide range of fabrics for the Roman systems.

Visit us in one of the showrooms and our consultants will help you find the best option for your home or garden!

You can also choose for a 2h free consultancy at your home with one of our decorators or designers!

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