A new Sophia showroom in Cluj – the path to a colorfull Transylvania

With a network of 24 franchise stores, Sophia Home Decoration has recently opened the doors of a new showroom in the heart of Transylvania, in the city of Cluj Napoca. Considering that Cluj is the fourth largest city and an important academic, cultural and economic center in the country, we thought to expand and open another shop in Cluj, in Marasti district on 89 Bucharest Street.

The people from Cluj got acquainted with Sophia products even since 2014, by visiting the store located in Buna Ziua district, on 1A Marin Sorescu Street.

Sophia Home Decoration gained experience through the 15 years business activity in the interior decoration field, being an importer, exporter and also a franchisor. Throughout this time, we have built a significant portfolio: over 70 hotels and guest houses, 100 restaurants, cafes, theaters / museums and over 5000 private residences.

Each year’s participation in the national and international fairs allowed us to make a step-by-step improvement and to familiarize ourselves with the new trends in the field. Sophia creations are made in our own workshops, and the collections exhibited in the stores focus on some key themes, part of over 1054 different fabric patterns that we can provide to our customers. We dare to say that we can meet even the highest demands of each customer, blending styles from classic to modern, vintage, rustic or shabby chic.

It is known that textiles create the complete image of any interior and renders your personality. Whether you want to improve your home or you simply want to redecorate or rearrange a part of it, the curtains, the cushions, the cover beds, upholstery are the elements you need to show great attention to, because once harmoniously arranged, changes completely the environment.

We invite all the people from Cluj to enter the magical universe of colours, shapes and fabrics. The strengths of our concept are the complete services we offer to our customers, which integrate custom-made production, free home counselling with specialized designers, assembling services, offering practical and creative solutions, so that everybody can feel comfortable in their home!

The clients interested in unique fabrics can benefit from shop counselling also in Sophia store on 1A Marin Sorescu Street or they can call us at 0740 147 471.

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