Casa Share – the project supported by Sophia to bring the smiles back to the children’s faces

No one can know how his path will be or how it can change its course over time. Unpredictability is a constant in our lives and it is always a struggle with accepting negative events for which we are not prepared. Probably nobody is ever prepared to lose someone dear, the home, to face illness or poverty.

We know how difficult it can be to feel lonely and helplessly, that is why we have supported this wonderful project – Casa Share.

Alongside Bogdan Tanasa, we have provided over 20,000 euros for the construction of homes for the less fortunate people. We have created decorations, we have furnished houses with pleasure, made everything to bring smiles on their faces.

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We would like to bring into this project as many investors as possible and people who have the willingness to change something. For many persons who are waiting for another day, tomorrow can be their last one and this is the reason why we felt we need to act.

The founder of Sophia, Anamaria Georgescu, says: “We have joined Bogdan’s project from the first house made in December 2014. Since then, 22 homes have been built or rehabilitated, of which 13 have been decorated. I think that every child is worth a chance and a good environment to learn and evolve to what he wants to become in the future. A nice environment shared with the loved ones is the starting point. Therefore, we have chosen to decorate, according to the age of each child and depending on what he or she likes to do.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-17 at 10.32.27Bogdan not only builds houses, he builds homes for children who need a place to stay and feel family harmony. He takes care of their health, education and the way they develop. Along him, we have created an environment in which they can raise and enjoy what they were missing in the previous years.”

cats3Sophia for Casa Share: “We are present where we are needed.” Anyone can involve and can make a donation, which will surely be appreciated and used for noble purposes.

How did Casa Share start?

The project was put into practice by Bogdan Tanasa, also the initiator of this concept, who grew up near the Popricani Foster Home. After losing his mom at the age of 14, Bogdan understood more the need for affection and safety of the abandoned children or those living in precarious conditions.

Being always present where charity was needed, he had managed to raise funds from foreigners also so he succeeded in rehabilitating the first house in 2014. His first aid was to a child who had never received a toy and who’s story was made public in a newspaper. His situation was so different from the modern reality we know that it immediately stole all of his attention and dedication.

Casa Share 1 was practically the starting point for a no-limit commitment.

Which was the evolution of Casa Share Project?

A useful thing in Social Media is the power to spread information. This time, people’s support on Facebook who learned about Bogdan’s actions was an impulse to rehabilitate a new house.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-17 at 10.32.29 (1)Through donations, there have been built homes for families, providing also moral support for parents and the children a place to build a future.

Sophia team has been involved in this project since July 2015, following the tragedy from Miroslava, where a family made up of a single mother and three children were left without anything after a fire.


Other projects followed for houses from Moinesti or Popricani, for needy families, for elderly people, for children with special problems, for people who have ceased to believe.

Sophia brought its contribution with decorations and open-minded people for 13 homes, we hope, brighter and happier for the days to come. “I want to thank my colleagues who are getting involved and work voluntarily at Casa Share: Mihaela, Madalina, Mihai, Marius, all part of Sophia team.” – Anamaria Georgescu

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The subsequent development of the families and especially of children is our most praised reward.

The Causes presented by Bogdan in Casa Share are a small part of the mass problems of the Romanians living in villages and not only. By making this project known, we are advancing to the world a petition to be better, to believe in good and in the people who want to help.

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For the people in trouble, a little help can be the whole world. Even if it seems like a small step, every help is cumulating and makes a difference. Together we can make a change around us, and then we can extrapolate to new areas and other people who need support.

After all, “By giving, you will gain!”

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