Decorating the house in a classic style

When it comes to making some interior design changes in your own home, the classic style is always an inspired and current choice, regardless of the trends of the year in this field.

At the Annual Sophia Training 2019, Adina Maruntis presented decorating, ambiental and chromatic styles. The team of franchisors and sales consultants or interior designers have been discussed the decorative aspects for a large and harmonious house.

Although there are many styles of interior design (traditonal, midcentury, victorian, vintage, minimalist, modern, chabby chic, rustic or baroque), the decoration of the house in the classic style is still in the top of the designers preferences, due to its elegance and refinement.

The defining feature of this style is given by the simplicity of the furniture which is lighter, compact and elegant, with simple elements of decoration and attention to details that will make the difference in the arrangement of the house.

If you have decided to redecorate the house in a classic style, our designers recommend you to consider some useful tips and ideas that will help you make the most inspired choices.

  • For the traditional classic style you can use:

Warm peach colors

Neutral palette of vibrant colors

Beige, green, blue, pale yellow, to create a contrast with the furniture.

As furniture pieces are recommended the natural wood ones in classic style, British, colonial, Tuscan and antique pieces.

Solid wood (paneling)

Furniture sets and accessories

Walls painted in pale colors

Wood floor


  • Fabrics:

Wide, long drapes with folds down to the ground:

Simple – accessorised, embroidery, lace, etc.

Floral but simplified by large dimensions

Plant motifs and the predominant color is white, but you can also use pastel shades such as cream, beige, white-butter, pale yellow, brick or ivory to give the home a warm, welcoming and relaxing look.

  • The furniture pieces are mostly made of solid walnut, birch, oak or cherry wood and you can use darker or stronger shades that will visually dominate the room. Avoid using more than two contrasting colors for a classic style, as it can create an imbalance and the sensation of a suffocating space.
  • For windows decoration, it is recommended to use precious and fine materials and textures, such as velvet, taffeta or natural silk, in plain colors or discrete and elegant patterns; the decorations are very important for the classical style as they emphasize the elegance and refinement of the rooms. You can use pendulum clock, photo frames, statues or paintings to adorn the walls and give a classic look to your home, reminiscent of old times.
  • Mirrors can enrich any room and beautify the decor of a house, giving the impression of greater space. For a classic style, you can use a mirror with a gold or wooden frame.
  • When it comes to lighting fixtures specific to the classic style, the chandelier is one of the essential elements in the design of the house. Elegant and special, it will definitely become the attraction point of any room where it is mounted. Although it is not accessible to any budget, you have other cheaper alternatives for lighting: lamps or candles for a warm and intimate environment.
  • Pay attention to the proportions: The furniture and accessories must be chosen according to the height of the space intended for arrangement.

Small height:

Light shades.

Curtains and drapes from the ceiling to provide height

Avoiding strident print (it shrinks the space)

Big height:

Light shades

Contrasting colors Printing on fabrics (curtain, drapes

  • Prints: if they belong to different styles or colors, we cannot use more than 2 types of prints. A floral print and a striped print are sufficient and form a strong contrast. Any other model will visually load the camera.

Here are some models and ideas of interior design in the classic style.

Regardless of the choices you make to create the long-awaited decor, the classic style will never be outdated, being calm, relaxing, without too many accessories and details, so that each chosen element to help create a harmonious atmosphere.

If you need home counseling, we offer you a 2h free consultancy with a specialist designer in any store Sophia in franchise.

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