From the airplane booking to the designer’s home counseling service booking

Interior decorations are an extension of your own personality, and because of that, it must be as expected. With the home designer counseling service, Sophia offers you, free of charge, for 2 hours, the most skilled and experienced designers in textile decoration in your city. With specialized studies in window treatment, Sophia designers are always up to date with the latest decorative trends, with the new must-have collections, to get a bright and harmonious room.

We know you want to have decorative elements in accordance with the size of the space, the rest of the furniture pieces, the color of the walls and other accessories in the house. The shades are variable, and the tones differ from verbal presentations about a space, to the actual view of the house. The service is more precise than simple verbal advice, with specialized guidance both in choosing textures, colors and the right size for curtains, drapes, carpets or other decorative pieces. If you used to book a dream holiday before, you can now use it to get the most skilled textile designers for your home windows.

Sophia is the only Romanian textile retailer with a franchise store system that aims to bring in all the picturesque areas, a touch of beauty in the houses. Curtains, drapes, roman systems, gripping systems and floral accessories for drapes are some of the key elements in window decorations.

With 24 franchise stores, Sophia offers prompt counseling services, home designer booking, curtains and drapes fitting and maintenance.

What benefits do you have if you use home designer booking

– The website is optimized with home consultancy service, one-click access.

All you have to do is fill in the data, the type of home, the number of windows and choose from the nearby designers.

They can help you choose the right collections for your home, within 2 hours, for free. Thus, you can know exactly what decorative trends are, what colors enhance the state of well-being and relaxation, which textures fit, what length to have the curtains and drapes.

– Gripping systems are also important in optimizing chambers, and accessories such as tassels, magnets or curtain-griping flowers are at hand through this service.

– Whether you decorate a home, a guesthouse, a hotel, a restaurant or a public institution, design specialists are ready to offer consultancy for obtaining an original and stylish decor.

– At Sophia you have the experience and the aesthetic sense of a team of 35 tailors in the creative workshops, which accessorizes the fabrics with lace, ribbon, hem and piping for each product.

– Our decorator gives you an estimate adapted for your budget. Each customer can fit into the predetermined budget. For example, the price of curtains can range from 5 euro per lm up to 60 euro per lm for decorating a window, 40 euro or 450 euro for those who want an extravagant decoration.

– You have an original design, custom made and fit to your needs.

– The service is also available on request in all 24 Sophia stores in the country.

– Free home design counseling can be completed with fitting and maintenance of the fabrics for the existing customers (payable according to the number of windows). If you need detailed consultancy you can pay an extra charge of 20 euro per hour.

Trust our textile decoration specialists and access the home counseling booking service on mobile number 0040756075273.

Do not forget to get inspired by the Sophia curtains, drapes and fabrics collections and we guarantee you a setting that you will fall in love with!

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