Recommendations for fabrics for the kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect place for dinner with family and friends, which is why the decor where you cook must be perfectly optimized. Culinary art can change the way of life for any of us, and cooking accessories certainly complement this passion.

At Sophia, we created a series of kitchen fabrics, in different accessories that make the difference. Whether we are talking about upholstery for chairs or corner sofas, or tablecloths, decorative pillows, up to aprons, on our website you will find everything you need.

Everything is specially created in the kitchen. The design with rustic wooden furniture, modern or classic, the buffet, the design of windows with colored fabrics or Roman systems, all are important to get a dream frame.

Here are some of the most attractive fabrics for the kitchen:

Fabrics for upholstered kitchen:

Upholsterers bring a note of elegance to the kitchen, and interior designers recommend soft fabrics, in delicate notes.

One of our favorites is Valparaiso. The fabric can be used both as a drapery and as a tapestry for corner sofas, classic chairs with fluffy pillows, but also for decorative pillows.

The delicate colors from blue to gold are an invitation to the Mediterranean air, which will definitely perfect your kitchen. Price 215 lei / lm.

Another appreciated model for upholstery and curtains, which can be used wonderfully in the kitchen or in an open livingroom, is Antique Rome.

The collection brings to attention fluid material with sophisticated irises reminiscent of precious stones, such as lapis lazuli, used in royal crowns. The unique fabric can be used for both draperies and pillows on the corner sofa where you want to relax.

Kitchen fabrics for aprons

If you like to cook, then surely, an apron is a must-have. Practically and with a catchy design, this apron of pastel stripes will bring a bit of color to your kitchen. It is made of cotton (46%) and polyester (54%) and it is recommended to wash and iron at low temperatures.


Whether it is a special occasion in the family, an anniversary, a reunion, or a holiday dinner, the tablecloth should not be missing.

This brings a very elegant air to the kitchen and creates an atmosphere as in a restaurant where you have your own privacy. The material of the fabric is made from a combination of cotton and polyester, which makes it easy to maintain. Our designers suggest you choose a tablecloth with geometric patterns inspired by the nature or traditions for which you have arranged the table.

If you want to see more fabrics for the kitchen, go to our website and choose the right colors and the desired style, for a personalized decoration.

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