Shabby chic style makes your home chic!

If you are about to start a house redecoration project and you are asking for the help of a designer you will surely receive the question: What style do you want to go with? Classic, minimalist or shabby chic? … and if you are not too familiar with the field, you will certainly not answer with all your heart.

And here we intervene, the team from Sophia.

When it comes to interior decorations, there are so many styles as many as tastes. But we propose you to take it step by step.

To start with, we will discuss shabby chic. We have all seen pictures with interiors arranged this way. From the images we see old style elements in combination with contemporary elements. And if you do a word-for-word translation, you’ll find that shabby chic means poor or even jerky … And shabby chic it’s pretty much the opposite of what it means.

In fact this is a trendy retro style, very popular in Europe, appeared in England in the 80’s when Rachel Ashwell started a kind of revolution against expensive interiors bringing to the foreground objects from the twentieth century. And the success was resounding as the style has over time become a charming replica of contemporary decorations.

Shortly, when you intent to create a shabby chic space you have to follow a few rules (although it is said that in interior design the rule is to not obey any rules).

  1. Make full use of pastel colors (white, pink, blue, raw green, peach color) as well as floral motifs, especially roses.
  2. Do not use stainless steel or single border photo frames. No plastic or metal chairs, glossy furniture pieces. Rather, you go for items with an antique look that give the impression of time passing, and necessarily in light shades.
  3. Have the courage to focus on small decorative details such as textile lampshades, matching curtains, vintage decorative pillows, embroidered textile decorations, laces reminding of your grandparent’s warm home or a holiday home from the Mediterranean shore.

We guarantee that in the end, you will enjoy a place full of romance, bright, full of warmth and very welcoming.

And let’s just say that if you go on this note, you have the advantage of a less expensive arrangement than if you go on a classic decor.

If you’re still not sure you would like a home decorated in this style, we invite you to see some shabby chic decorations. Then ask us for a home counseling.

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