What curtains and drapes to choose for modern livingrooms

The minimalist style, with modern decorations has captured the world of interior design. With the sets of Sophia curtains and drapes you can create a scenery in line with the latest artistic influences in the field.

In order to have a variety of models to choose from, we offer you the most attractive fabric collections for your home. You can choose to match your drapery with the upholstered seat, bed or decorative cushions on the couch, all in the shades you want.

The living room is by definition a day room, a place dedicated to socialization and relaxation. That’s why it must be decorated so as to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in which to feel at your leisure.

Whether you are acquiring new furniture pieces like a corner sofa or a simple one and armchairs, you have to pay attention to the fabrics choice.

Our team offers free counseling for 2 hours, giving tips for window treatment and textiles decoration. The booking service for consulting with a designer is available online.

You can choose from 15 specialized designers the one assigned to your area or country so you will have a custom decoration, in the desired size and in the shades used in the room.

Here are some of the curtain and drape patterns for a modern living room:

Curtains and drapes in earth shades

Agra Velvet curtains and drapes combinations with geometric patterns bring a bohemian air into your home. Perfect for the living room, long white curtains with velvet drapes can be customized with gripping systems or accessories.

Designers opt for earth combinations, brown-orange, white-dark gray, khaki
or silver infusions for some glow. Chromatic dynamics create a unique aspect in
your living room. Agra Velvet drapes can be customized online, as desired,
depending on how many windows are in the room. The price is 70 euro/lm.

The drapes can be combined with a white curtain Marseille
– price 35.52 / lm. The glowing effect is owed to fine fabric with
silver reflections. Thereby, you can enjoy a refined and bright decoration.

Pink shades curtains and drapes

The light pink curtain of natural fabric blends marvelously with colored drapes. You can opt for gentle shades with a colorful flower design, or for drapes with vertical lines, which gives the room an elongation effect.

A delicate pattern that reminds of the Greek wall paintings is given by the
Rayas colored lines drape. Price: 43.29 euro / lm.

Along with a lamp next to the couch, you can create your
intimate space of tranquility.

Seville Rose curtain price: 18 euro / lm.

Let yourself enchanted by the vast array of multicolored Sophia curtains and drapes and create a dream space in which to return dearfully. You can call us at 0757 075 273 or 0736 382 831 for free home counseling for 2 hours and we will find the perfect decorative solution for your home.

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